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Mister Man

Indianapolis, IN


  • Jason Koch
  • Scott Stackhouse
  • Steve Townsend
  • Mark Long

Music Style:

, College Rock, Rock



Official Website: Mister Man

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More About the Band

MISTER MAN is comprised of 4 guys with a true passion for playing the music that crowds want to hear. We don’t just play the standards, we also throw in material that you may never have heard another band play.


 Steve Townsend (our guitarist):  a phenomenal player, a great showman, and well respected by his peers. His has the incredible ability to play perfectly, anything he sets his mind to including guitar masters like Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai.

His credits include: playing with many regional bands around the Mid-West. 

Scott Stackhouse (our drummer): has been one of the most sought after players for many years. A rock solid performer, whose skill and dedication keep him in league with the best players in the country.

His credits include: local bands such as Innocent Victim, Wishbone, Brissart, Stuck in the Night, Animal Crackerz, & ZANG.  He has also shared stages with greats such as Eric Johnson, Bullet Boys, Little River Band, STP, Fuel, & Green Day. 

Jason Koch (our bassist) is amazing, astonishing, astounding, incredible, prodigious, stupendous, unbelievable, wonderful, and wondrous. wondrous

His credits include: sharing the stage with national acts Georgia Satellites, Blue Oyster Cult, Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, Clint Black and others. He has also performed all across the Midwest with various regional bands and solo artists. 

We would LOVE to tell you more about him because we absolutely ADORE him, but we only have so much room here.

Mark Long (our keyboard player) is awful.

His credits include: annoying vocals on everything. He is an incredibly sloppy player that has been fired from every band he’s been in. For reasons unknown he has lucked into sharing stages with: Dan Akroyd, Santana, Little River Band, Bachman Turner Overdrive and Pat Travers. Local bands that he has been banned for life from include ZANG, Brissart, Stuck in the Night, Animal Crackerz, The Don Stuck Band, and on and on and on….


But seriously, MISTER  MAN is about having fun and putting out a rock solid performance at the same time. All members have played live and in the studio as "hired guns" for many different local and regional artists, and groups, and have come together to do it on their own. Thanks for considering MISTER  MAN for your live entertainment needs!

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