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Prey For Maria

Leitchfield, KY


  • Jessica Clemons-Lead Vocals
  • Damien Haze-Guitar
  • Rob Lewis-Bass
  • K.B.-Keyboard/Synths
  • Scott Gibson-Drums

Music Style:

Alternative, Alternative, Industrial, Rock


Phone: 270-287-3197


Official Website: Prey For Maria

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More About the Band

Prey for Maria developed in early 2005 and has been rocking most of central Kentucky and northern Tennessee ever since. This five piece Alternative Rock band includes Damien Haze on guitar, The General on bass, K.B. on keys, Mr. Scott Gibson on Drums and the talented vocalist Jessica Clemons rounds out the band. Each member has their own love for music and their lives reflect that. Jessica enjoys writing lyrics and began singing at age 5. She has a powerful self taught voice that would even make the girls go "ga-ga". Did I mention she's very pretty too? Damien developed an early interest in music and at age 13 he began writing and playing the guitar...he hasn't stopped since. His talents are a force to be reckoned with and he proudly displays that at every show. Scott started playing drums at age 10 and has been extremely influenced by the musical abilities and stage performance of Tommy Lee. While Jessica may have fans singing along, many are fixated with Scott's stage presence. What could be better than a hard-core drummer with a painted face? A bassist who puts forth full energy at every show, that's what! The General comes from a metal/funk background, and has played in many bands on the east coast. The General has the charisma and talent to ignite the entire crowd. The latest addition to the band is KB. His musical influence comes from a strong electronic background, which is a nice addition to the band's sound. He's been around for quite some time as KB's work is featured on the current cd. Adding the keyboard to the live show has been more than "warmly welcomed" by the fans and puts a new spin on a band that's consistently moving up. Prey for Maria has a sound unlike anything you've heard before, fronted by an angelic voice, hard hitting guitar riffs and dancable beats. PFM's music is appealing to everyone from the casual music listener to even the most hardcore of rockers. Their sound can go from a brutal wirlwind force to a beautiful melodic composition in a matter of seconds. This is just one of the many things that set Prey for Maria apart in todays music scene, and because of this PFM is quickly becoming one of the hottest acts in the Louisville/Kentucky area.

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