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Canadian Customs

Decatur, IL


  • Jordan Baker
  • George O'Brien
  • Dalton Coleman
  • Malcolm Roberts
  • Steve Hall

Music Style:

Rock, 70s Hits, Alternative, Blues, College Rock, Rock


Phone: 217-429-2001


Official Website: Canadian Customs

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Canadian Customs started as a four-piece folk/rock act when four friends put together some songs to surprise their guests at a New Year's Eve party. They played that first show on December 31, 2005. It consisted of four songs, the only ones the entire band knew then. The audience reaction drove them to continue with the idea of being a band. They worked hard, added members to the band, and began playing shows on a regular basis in the summer of 2006, mostly in central Illinois. Two years later, in the fall of 2007, with vocalist Jordan Baker the sole remaining original member from that first New Year’s Eve party, the band reemerged with a heavier, more bluesy sound. In addition to Jordan, Canadian Customs is now powered by lead guitarists George O'Brien and Dalton Coleman, bassist Malcolm Roberts, and drummer Steve Hall.
The new members brought a wealth of experience and diversity to the band with a strong background in hard rock and heavy metal music. Combining their talents with Canadian Customs' already-defined sound has created a new, cutting-edge style of heavy, progressive, indie rock.
When you hear them play it is hard to avoid being captivated by the accomplished performers on every instrument. Not only do they each deliver dynamic individual performances, but you can tell they practice their craft together as they execute every transition, every key change, and every stop as a unit. Despite the quality of the music, don't neglect to listen to the impressive lyrics as they may be some of the best written in recent memory.
After reviewing an early release of their music, a music company executive said that they have defined "a personal style and method of expression that goes beyond (their) influences and forms a coherent style of (their) own." From the hard-driving metal blues riffs of Mike's Blues to their homage to westerns Cowboys & Indians, from the rhythmic ballad ReCreation to the heavy rock licks of Player 6, finishing with the compelling lyrics of the show-stopper 20/20, it would be hard to find a more versatile and talented group to follow.
Things really took off for the band in the summer of 2008, when their debut LP, THE UNCONQUERED SON, was released. It is now available at, at Best Buy stores nationwide, and at other quality music stores.
Canadian Customs has played extensively throughout Illinois, including major venues in Chicago, St. Louis, central Illinois and southeast Missouri.
Canadian Customs has just released their new EP entitled MAMMOTH. MAMMOTH truly displays the band's own, unique sound. From Calamity's Child to Savannah's Heart, Canadian Customs shows that you can have great, heavy, HARD rock and blues without being overly heavy metal.
MAMMOTH is a prelude to their next full-length CD entitled IRON ELEPHANT. Recording for IRON ELEPHANT is scheduled to in late 2010. Both THE UNCONQUERED SON and MAMMOTH are soon to be available through iTunes, Amazon mp3, and Rhapsody.
You can get more information at:
Shows are mostly original music. A partial sample of songs include the following (in no particular order):
Original Songs:
  • "Zechariah"
  • "Decent"
  • "Out in the Fields (Near Where Rivers Run)"
  • "20/20"
  • "Mike's Blues"
  • "Jordan's Blues"-
  • "Dalton's Blues"
  • "Cowboys and Indians"
  • "Poor Man's Lyric in D"
  • "Jack and Jill"
  • "Trainsaw"
  • "ReCreation"
  • "Player 6"
  • "Wrong Direction"
  • "Iron Elephant"
  • "Rush"
  • "Greenland"
  • "High Noon at Smokey Waters"
  • Covers:

  • "Isis" – Bob Dylan
  • "Cortez the Killer" - Neil Young and Crazy Horse
  • "Ohio" - Neil Young and Crazy Horse
  • "Powderfinger" - Neil Young
  • "Low" – Cracker
  • "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" – Bob Dylan
  • "Pigs" – Pink Floyd
  • "London Calling" - The Clash
  • "Highway 61 Revisited" - Bob Dylan
  • "Rainy Day Women #12 & # 35" - Bob Dylan
  • "Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol" - Bob Dylan
  • "Masters of War" - Bob Dylan
  • "Lie to Me" – Tom Waites
  • "My Generation" – The Who
  • "Moonage Daydream" – David Bowie
  • "Children of the Revolution" – T.Rex
  • "The Pusher" - Steppenwolf
  • "Ball and Bisquit" - The White Stripes
  • "This Wheel’s On Fire" – Bob Dylan
  • "Adam Raised a Cain" - Bruce Springteen
  • "Long Cool Woman" - The Hollies
  • "For What Its Worth" - Buffalo Springfield
  • "Been Down So Long" - The Doors
  • "Love Me Two Times" - The Doors"
  • "The Luck of the Irish" - John Lennon
  • "Zero from Outer Space" - Tom Petty
  • "Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine" - The White Stripes
  • "Can’t You See" - The Marshall Tucker Band
  • "Midnight Rider" - The Allman Brothers Band
  • "Mrs. McGrath" -Bruce Springsteen
  • "Friend of the Devil" -The Grateful Dead
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