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indianapolis, in


  • tbird - lead vocals, guitar
  • steve - guitar
  • chris - bass, vocals
  • dbomb - drums

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More About the Band
Exosonic was formed in 2005 as a modern rock cover band playing bars and clubs in and around Indianapolis. Originally a five-piece, a change in direction left to the departure of the band's one-time lead singer. The band's guitarist-extrordinaire, Tbird, stepped up from the backing vocal role at the end of 2005 and became the group's new frontman. A lack of consistency led to a change in the drum department as well in early 2006. The mighty Dbomb joined the ranks, and the band has been rocking strong ever since with Steve and Chris rounding out the line-up. The playlist is ever changing to keep the vibe from getting stale. Original material is also in the works, but covering the X103 airplay favorites will likely remain this band's mainstay.

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