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audible point

madison, in


  • grubby-vocals
  • madwayne-bass
  • topher-drums
  • david-guitar

Music Style:

rock, alternative, grunge, heavy-metal, rock, top-40


Phone: 812-493-5091


Official Website: audible point

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More About the Band
audible point is an ohio valley based band. hailing from madison, indiana. they have caused quite a ripple in the musical waters of the tristate area. from electrifying live cover performances to original music band battles, ap has knocked down the competition from town to town. the lead vocals are ripped out by front man, aaron grubbs or "grubby" as most call him. with a strong blues influence, and several family musicians, grubbs brings a very soulful style to a.p.'s music and performance. phil (dirt) phillips and david (angry) bibbs round out the six-gun department. each with a style all their own, phillips has a very strong background in classic rock, and crunchy rhythms of the music that built rock and roll, as well as a song writing ability that has created a solid foundation in a.p.'s original music. bibbs is the long-haired wild man doing the lead work, his ripping solos stand out and demand attention, from show to show. "madwayne" rowlett brings the bottom end on the bass guitar. he's a born talent on the bass, backed by a guitar slinging father he's been pushed to excel in music from an early age. and it shows. besides his playing abilities, his stage presence is unmatched by many bass players. if there is such thing as a lead bass player, madwayne is that man. drums are provided by christopher (topher) wykoff. the quality of topher's playing locks in the tightness of the band you have now been formally introduced to:

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