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winona lake, in


  • 2007-current members:
  • *john finken - vocals, percussion & samples. started in feb. 1987. *steve sahagun - vocals, bass guitar & harp. joined in sept. 1989.
  • *jon ness - vocals & lead guitar. joined in june, 2002.
  • *rick hoffer - vocals, guitar & keyboards. joined sept. 2004. *steve walker - vocals & keyboards. joined sept. 2004.

Music Style:

rock, 70s hits, 80s hits, 90s hits, alternative, dance, heavy-metal, pop/rock, rock, top-40


Phone: 574-269-2632


Official Website: coda

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More About the Band
coda was conceived in february of 1987 by john finken and three other members from the warsaw, indiana area. over the last twenty years coda has gone through some changes to keep the band fresh and as tight as possible. they have quickly gelled with founder & booking agent: manager, john finken into what is known as coda today. twenty years under that name, they are well recognized in northern indiana and in parts of michigan and ohio. from the beginning, the band has set out to entertain and show as many different ages and types of people a good time. with the live entertaining stage antics and dance-able music ranging from nickelback, jet, collective soul, ac..dc, rob zombie, van morrison, godsmack, motley crue and steve miller band to guns n roses - coda enjoys a busy schedule performing in northern indiana and parts of michigan, illinois, and ohio. "we are always seeing and meeting lot's of old and new fans and friends. it's a different crowd every night. almost every week we will see someone we haven't seen in three to five years." coda has met a lot of people over the last twenty years. sponsored in part by budweiser throughout the northern indiana and southern michigan area. with a large mailing list still growing every week, and live performance. coda loves to rock n roll!

coda's Friends and Fans

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