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The Grateful Living Band

cumberland, ky


  • ed brown
  • aaron osborne
  • We need a bass player and drummer
  • so if your interested contact us.

Music Style:

Christian Rock, Blues


Phone: 606-589-6255


Official Website: The Grateful Living Band

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More About the Band
my name is aaron osborne and i play guitar for our band, here's our story. it all started back in the winter of 2006 when me and my friend eddie brown decided to start playing music together. we both came from very musical backgrounds, i had played in a few bands with styles ranging from metal, rock, country, and southern rock. eddie played in a number of bands in the 80's when he lived in chicago, he played a lot of blues, metal, classic rock. eddy brown... a.k.a "blucifer" from chicago, il. he played and sang for a few bands..."cover bands"on the north side of chi town in the early 80s...kenny wilnow and ken morgan on guitars and dean bolz on bass... billy schmitt on drums and also tim alesi on drums......he was the lead singer for a band called..."blucifer"......!he also wrote the lyrics to "masters" title track..."master"....formally the band was called "war cry"... featuring bill schmitt on drums....! eddy brown and ken morgan formed "blucifer" back in 1981.... morgan and eddy .b. wrote about 9 original cuts together and also covered a lot of old sabbath and lots of ozzy solo stuff....the band split up around "87" and got back together in "92" for a very short and very brief drug n booze blur until eddy.b. finally called it quits and wound up living on the streets like a skid row junkie.... he got really strung out for awhile and finally hit the road down south, lost contact with the boys in his band. eddie has since dedicated his life to God the grateful living was birthed out of a desire to reach hopeless and broken people, people that the church in some cases has rejected. we want to be a light to the downtrodden souls that think that they have reached the limits of god's grace and let them know that no matter where they have been, or what they have done, that there is a saviour ready and willing to welcome them with arms wide open. contact us:

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