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lindsey williams

evansville, in


  • lindsey williams
  • taylor 610
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  • cables and amps and speakers and stuff to make me louder than the game.

Music Style:

pop/rock, 60s hits, 70s hits, 80s hits, 90s hits, alternative, oldies, pop/rock, rock, top-40



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i was born and raised in the ohio valley area in henderson, kentucky and have been a fixture on the local music scene for 10 years. with the idea in mind that no one ever actually reads bios, let me just say banana hognose pickenswitch blarg. haltrath and fleer nook hawkinfutch. dithersnitch bowfinkle geen pook, walo beekly rafs. scaggle huth tushin foit. that having been said, there are a few points of interest about me that some of you "hard-at-work" web surfers might be bored enough to read. i've has been playing music since i was about 5 years old, when i first got a little four-stringed ukulele from dad. several members of my family also have musical talent, some of whom play in the area. so, as they say, “i comes by it honest.” my first band was the south junior high school orchestra in which i played lead oboe. (rock on!!!) a few successful years with the oboe led me to realize that i could write my own ticket to the college of my choice while mastering that black and silver snake charmer from the east. yes, with the oboe as my instrument, i need only be willing to forgo receiving any interest from the opposite sex for the duration of my education. while studying the guitar, i quickly learned that there are things in this world much better than higher learning and degrees. soaking up musical styles from anyone my pitiful fake i.d. could afford me, i got the stage bug at around 19 years old. on hand and knee, i went to grandma for a loan. a few yamaha this and peavey that and i was on my way to freedom, baby. “borrowing” cover song ideas from area talent, i set out to entertain the masses. my former project, adult alt-rock band and local success story, wellhello enjoyed packed houses at every show, sold out of cds, and climbed to number one on top radio stations. listen at with a hugely positive area response, i announced plans to release a cd of my own solo material, recorded live, capturing the essence of what i think a few years and a few beers sounds like. a solo studio project is in the works as well. my main goal is to keep doing what i love for as long as i am able. i’m one of luckiest men alive to have enjoyed my job for so long. i’d play and sing and write even if i was the only one who cared, but i sure love to see people smile back at me when i’m givin’ it all i’ve got. ________________________________________________________________________ lindsey has a wife and daughter. in his free time, he sucks at pool, poker, xbox, and fishing. he considers carl sagan and george carlin equally powerful deities whom he worships regularly with a sacrificial malted beverage.

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