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Indianapolis, IN


  • Garry Lee: drums
  • Brian Burns: Rhythm/lead guitar,
  • Jason Mathew: Lead vocals
  • Mike Adamson: Bass Guitar

Music Style:



Phone: 317-894-6027

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More About the Band
Tangent was formed in November of 2001 joining members from Liqour Sweet, and Soul Shrine together in a project that is quickly growing into a fine tuned machine. Tangent is a hard driving heavy modern alternative/rock cover/orginal music - band with an aggressive style that boasts an energy that is seldom seen in local live music anymore. The band has an extensive set list with covers from popular artists such as: Nickelback,Creed,Tool,Puddle of Mud Godsmack,Staind,RageA.T.M.,LimpBizkit,Metallica,Fuel,Greenday, S.T.P.,Alice in Chains. Tangent is currently working on new original music for the upcoming CD and to add to their set list.... Come check us out!

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