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anderson, in


  • hoppe - vocals
  • dean allen - guitars
  • stevie t. - bass
  • kruzer - drums

Music Style:

80s hits, 80s hits, college rock, heavy-metal, rock


Phone: 765-635-9435


Official Website: pozeur

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More About the Band
it's your momma's metal! whitesnake, bon jovi, skid row, poison, cinderella, quit riot, bullet boys, warrant, dokken, ratt, motley crue, fastway, def leppard, twisted sister, white lion, night ranger.oh my! based out of central indiana pozeur is the premiere big hair, tight pants, loud guitar band in the midwest. our set list is a who's who of the best of the '80s hard rock bands. we remember when there was actually a "show" to the music! so, get out your spandex and aquanet and get ready to rock! for more info go to we're a group a guys that grew up on hair metal. we went to the concerts. we played in the bands. we lived the life. we decided to get together and play the stuff we used to love to play. come take a trip back in time and see what the 80's were all about!

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