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marshall law

southington, ct


  • greg venturo,randy paige,rob defazio,joe fiorello,lou angelillo

Music Style:

rock, rock


Official Website: marshall law

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More About the Band
Marshall law is a 5-piece hard drivin' classic rock cover band. while we play nothing 'lite' we'll mix up some bad company, april wine, skynyrd, and top to go with the harder sabbath and priest for examples. although considered a powerful band, we care deeply about the club partnerships we form and work to ensure the crowd has a great time while the club staff is not "over" powered to the point where they can't hear the orders. utilizing its two guitar players, both who play lead and rhythm, marshall law shows why this type of music "works" with one guitarist but cannot be compared to the use of two, especially when done right!! thanks for your support! hope to see you soon!

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