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Strolling Tones

evansville, IN


  • Dan Beyl, Ed Collignon

Music Style:

Pop/Rock, 70s Hits, 80s Hits, 90s Hits, Blues, Oldies, Pop/Rock, R&B, Rock, Top-40


Phone: 812-457-6473

Official Website: Strolling Tones

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More About the Band

Dan Beyl & Ed Collignon embark upon a new musical frontier!

Both musicians have tenured in a variety of renowned, high-energy & electric bands in the Evansville area over the years including Flashback, Open Road, M.B. & The Flips, and The Colors.

In this new venture, they bring an acoustic approach to a refreshing & rather eclectic mix of Classic Rock, old-school R&B, Blues, and Pop.

Watch for upcoming Strolling Tones shows so that you can listen to and sing along with a set list of music you definitely won't be hearing anywhere else!

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