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william fuller's laidback manner

athens, ga


  • william fuller

Music Style:

college rock, alternative, blues, funk, pop/rock, rap, rock


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well let's see. it all started i was born on december 27, 1984. i was born and raised in athens, georgia. "the music town", "the classic city", "the drinking town with a football problem". anyway, i started playing guitar, singing and writing songs when i was 11 years old. years later i made this profile. i've been in several bands but every time my band members would rather get wasted than work on music (don't get me wrong. i like to have my fun too, but music always comes first) so i said fuck it and went solo. i play around athens(well, now columbus, ga) whenever and wherever i can(there's no better feeling than being on stage doing what i love most). i sing, play guitar, bass, bongos and i'm learning how to produce my own music. everything that you hear in my songs is all me and i produced all of it. my music sounds like a mix of blues, rock, harmony, and my own originality (it's very important to me to sound original). my other hobbies include drawing/painting, writing rap lyrics, writing stand up comedy jokes, being with friends (duh), going to concerts, parties and making a fool out of myself. i'm a very laid-back guy who always has a smile on his face. i love meeting new people. i love to make people laugh (i guess you could call me the class clown). the four main things i ask of people are to just try to get along with everyone (don't be an ass hole), give respect, try to be honest with others and don't judge people on how they look (get to know a person for who they are, labeling someone is ignorant and closed minded). well anyway, i hope you enjoy my music and spread the word to others that might enjoy it as well. much love!

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