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Still Standin'

Lincoln, IL


  • Verl Prather - Vocals & Bass
  • Mike Farnam - Lead Guitar & Vocals
  • Jeff Letterle- Drums

Music Style:

Country, Blues, Country, Rock


Phone: 217-671-6123


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More About the Band

The "Still Standin'" band is a recently formed group with veteran entertainers who have performed in various bands over the years. You will not only enjoy their music, this band will entertain you as well. Audiences soon find themselves participating in the show. Still Standin' encourages crowd participation with sing-alongs, dancing etc. Covering Classic Rock , Southern Rock, Country Hits & even a little Blues. This bands unique ability to switch genres ( Merle Haggard to Black Crows to Johnny Lang) as well as their variety of songs allows them to easily adapt set lists to please any venue.

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