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Graffiti Layne

Leitchfield, KY


  • Matt Milliner- Vocals
  • Eric Foster - Drums/Vocals
  • Tim Milliner - Guitar/Vocals
  • Gary McClure - Bass/Vocals

Music Style:

Rock, Country, Rock



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More About the Band

Graffiti Layne was formed in October of 2009 with a combination of members from two local bands, Coalition & Low Profile. We are a cover band that enjoys playing a wide variety of music. We consider ourselves primarily a rock group however we play blues, & hard driving country as well. Graffiti Layne is all about good music and good fun!! Some of the artists that we cover:

Three Doors Down,Guns And Roses,Jason Aldean,Lynyrd Skynyrd,The Black Crows,Poison,Jake Owen,Bon Jovi,CCR,Aerosmith,Luke Bryan,and many more. Check us out on Facebook!

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