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Black Jack

Princeton, IN


  • Josh Vincent
  • Chad Kennard
  • Jason Schanzle
  • Jared Whitehead
  • Earl Matthews

Music Style:

Rock, 90s Hits, Pop/Rock, Rap



Official Website: Black Jack

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More About the Band

Hello all, and welcome to Black Jack a knock-down, drag out good time in the making. Playing loud and hard, we offer one of the most entertaining shows in the area, and are sure not to dissapoint. Formed in the summer of 2009, Black Jack came into existence with one goal in mind to bring that quote "what the hell happened last night" feeling the next morning after a solid night of drinking, dancing, and enjoying yourself. Playing a collisoin of today's great songs with some classic and unique tunes as well, one can't help but enjoy the growing phenom that is Black Jack. We have been lucky enough to play the stages of Woody's, Breakers, Fast Eddy's, Brewsky's, Fat boys, and many others. Check us out for some rock music and a show that fill the gap that others leave.

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