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lemont, IL


  • Scott Bulanda
  • Mike Bulanda
  • Gene Schield
  • Dave Dempsey

Music Style:

Pop/Rock, 80s Hits, 90s Hits, Dance, Rock, Top-40



Official Website: COVER JUNKIES

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More About the Band
COVER JUNKIES BIOGRAPHY Chicago's"Cover Junkies" is a group of four seasoned musicians with many years of experience playing the city and suburban club scene. These dedicated artists know exactly what club-goers are craving and have the ability to deliver like no other. When the Junkies hit the stage, audiences find themselves unable to resist the urge to get out on the dance floor. Seamless transition from one song into the next allows for a nonstop barrage of danceable hits that draws the crowd in and refuses to let them go. Strong lead and backing vocals set this band apart from the rest of the pack, and lend an air of authenticity to the band&rsquos great sound. The Junkies always deliver a truly live performance, masterfully recreating familiar songs. Most of all, the Cover Junkies are able to connect with and engage any audience, anywhere. They understand the need for this interaction and encourage the crowd to sing along and become, not only a part of the show, but its main attraction. If you and your friends are looking for a memorable night out on the town and want to take in a great live band, capable of belting out classic and current hits that get your body movin' , your search is over. If you are a club owner looking for that perfect blend of professionalism, musical mastery, and charisma, look no further, the Cover Junkies are here to save the day.

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