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Evansville, IN


  • Larry Ellington: lead guitar/back up vocals
  • Mike Fridley: rhythm guitar/back up vocals
  • Alex Eblen: vocals
  • Richard Davidson: bass
  • JAMZ DRUMZ: drumz/back up vocals

Music Style:

Heavy-Metal, Heavy-Metal, Rock


Phone: 812-774-0961


Official Website: PROWLER

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More About the Band

We are an Evansville cover band that plays within the realm of 103WGBF type stuff. We are not too light though, in fact, it is our intention to never dilute anything we do. We are not the diet coke of bar bands, we're the Bacardi 151 & Red Bull kind of cover band. A little faster, a little louder, a little more intense. If you want light & mellow, go to a piano bar. If you want to stand up, raise your fists in the air, scream at the top of your lungs, and release the week's frustrations, then get those devil horns way up high, cause we're the band for you. Real therapy, for real people, by a real band. Damn it, you deserve it,you've earned it. Demand more,demand PROWLER!


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