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Sonny Tackett

Harold, KY


  • Sonny Tackett

Music Style:

Blues, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Rock, Rockabilly


Phone: 260-582-0009


Official Website: Sonny Tackett

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More About the Band
Sonny Tackett is one of the best kept secrets in the music world.A veteran singer, songwriter,and performer, Sonny has toured the world in numerous roles,as an engineer,as a backing musician, and as a solo performer.In his long career he has worked with well over two hundred artists, and opened for most of them.Many signed artists have covered his songs, including lifelong friend and co-writer Gary Stewart, Tommy Overstreet, Dwight Whitley,Charlie Sizemore, Michael Allman, and many others,with fifty seven cuts to his credit, and more on the way.Sonny recently produced Gregg Allmans son Michael on his new release"Hard Labor Creek",in which Michael recorded Sonnys song,&lsquoLaid Back".He also has a song on the just released cd by bluegrass great Charlie Sizemore,on Rounder Records,proving that Sonny&rsquos songs are being recorded by many different artist in different genres.Although most have been recorded by country artists,Sonny himself is a blues artists, born with a whiskey voice and a bad attitude,as one of his songs reveal. Outlaws Lament,Sonny&rsquos self produced debut album on indie label Moondancer Records,covers the bases from honky tonk blues country to blues rock with ease,revealing a versatile artist who is at home with many styles of music.From the intro of &ldquoTorture&rdquo co-written with Gary Stewart, to the last refrains of the Gregg Allman inspired &ldquoLaid Back&rdquo,Sonny takes you through a lyrical journey of gypsies, outlaws, broken hearts,painted ladies,and desperate lives.Recorded at premier Alabama studio, Bates Brothers,the whole album is infused with a soulful vibe,enhanced by a stellar cast of seasoned musicians.Sonny has written almost two hundred songs, and co-written many with Gary Stewart.Taking off the entire 2010 season to have eye surgery,and dental implant surgery, Sonny concentrated heavily on his writing during this time, and the result are some of the best songs in his catalog.All surgery done and in great health, Sonny is due in the studio soon to record the best album of his career,with some of the best musicians in the world on line to add their talents.Besides his own cd, Sonny is also in line to record the new Gary Stewart Tribute album,which will include many songs that he and Gary wrote together.He has also started booking for the 2011 season,and will be touring in the spring and summer in between sessions.He has already taken on four festivals in Ky, each with a usual attendance between 10 to 150 thousand,and has already started adding new shows in Florida,Texas,Tenn.,Ok, Georgia,and California.Sonny&rsquos 2011 schedule will be up soon,and his new website goes online soon also.This is an artist whose voice has only gotten stronger and more meaningful with age, whose lyrics have touched many and will touch many more, and whose presence on stage is undeniable.His songs, his experience, his love of playing, and his respect and love for the audience shows in every performance.Dr Don Bevins, famous radio personality told me, quote"Gary Stewart called Sonny his favorite songwriter during a radio interview in Bugaloosa ,La.,and the greatest unknown artist in the world.Thats an incredible compliment coming from an artist of Gary&rsquos stature,.I&rsquove known Sonny all his life , and interviewed him many times, and I agree completely with Gary." unquote           Moondancer Records is honored to be the new home of this truly unique artist

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