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Jasper, IN


  • Mark Sparrow
  • Dave Underwood
  • Roy Rohrscheib

Music Style:

Rock, 70s Hits, 80s Hits, 90s Hits, Alternative, Pop/Rock


Phone: 812-631-2227


Official Website: N-8

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More About the Band
All three members have a wide variety of experience. We've played everything from Classic Rock ,Reggie, Bluegrass to Country Rock. Dave & Mark Have played with verious groups as, "N-2 DEEP", "KICKER", "PLASTIC SOUL", and " ACOUSTICALLY YOURS". Roy also has played with  "BAND-X", "SYMPLE FACT", "RENEGADE" , "BLACKBURN ROAD BAND". This newly formed group is now combining all of our years of experience into providing an exciting musical experience for all. We are covering the music from the 70's thru the 90's and into todays hits. Come out and enjoy N-8 !!!!

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