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Bloomington, IN



Music Style:

Rock, 80s Hits, 90s Hits, Grunge, Heavy-Metal, Industrial, Rock


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....long haired rockers need drummer!!!.....We will be using a laptop to control our light show and playback of

backing tracks, so u must be able to play with a click track. For the chest-thumping drum

sound we want, u must have or be willing to get triggers, at least on your kick. Stage

presence/show is a must....professional stage attire will be required. Must be willing to

spend time learning the songs correctly as they are on the cd(on your own time, before

rehearsal). We are the former ROCK SHOW vocalist, and STATIC BLAC bass and guitar players.

Material played is 80/90's hair metal and new rock. We will focus on the 4 areas that is live

entertainment: 1) Chest thumping sound 2) Awesome led light show 3) Entertaining stage show 4) Top

notch musicianship. Rehearse in our eastside bloomington studio 1x a week, will play 1 - 2x a month. Have connections, will play from

Indy to Evansville, Terre Haute to Cincinnati and beyond? If interested please text/call/email

me at eight one two three two five fore eight seven nine or email scottm80 AT hotmail DOT com

Thanks for your time...

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