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Morganfield, KY


  • Bobby Friend (vocals,guitar,keys,bass)
  • Russell McGregor
  • (lead guitar)
  • Preston Buzzard
  • (bass,keys)
  • Bobby (Skeeter)Barnes
  • (drums,vocals)

Music Style:

Rock, 70s Hits, 80s Hits, 90s Hits, College Rock, Country, Disco, Pop/Rock, Rock



Official Website: M!NX

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More About the Band

We are the ultimate party band. With a tight clean sound, we play a large variety of music. rock/college rock/alternative/pop/funk/classic rock In a nut shell we can cover all to please everyone. Well I lied we don't do bluegrass :) Well, guess what, we now play bluegrass!!

M!NX is based upon having fun. We try to project the fun we have playing together out to the crowd.

A little info about each one of us:

Russell is from Morganfield, KY, and has played guitar forever. Only recently did he learn how to actually play it. Russell is well known throughout the area as a guitarist but is probably better known for his "Russell Looks".

Preston is from Sturgis, KY, and has played the bass for several years. He is still learning how to play it. Preston takes care of all of the band's PR. Preston has quite an impressive collection of potatoes, and is always willing to show them off.

Bob is from Madisonville, KY, and has been in bands for many years. Bob is quite talented at imitating original singers styles, but is most impressive when he adds his own vocal style to a song. Bob enjoys raising prize winning sheep on his ranch.

Bobby is the newest member of M!NX, and is a typical drummer. You know, can't afford new equipment, late for setup, leaves before teardown, etc. Bobby also belts out some vocals on occasion. Bobby's nickname: Skeeter.

Now that you have read a little about us, come see us and find out what we are really about. We keep busy in the tri-state area, so you won't have to drive too far to find us.

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