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The Ninety-Five Theses

Lexington, KY


  • Lewis - lead vocals
  • Dallas - guitar
  • Could Be You - guitar
  • Ian - bass
  • Jon - drums

Music Style:

, Alternative, Heavy-Metal, Pop/Rock, Punk Rock, Christian Rock, 80s Hits, Industrial, Rock



Official Website: The Ninety-Five Theses

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Tour Confirmed

Fall tour starts with Destroy, Destroy, Destroy throughout August and September holds tour with Kingston Falls and The Gentleman Homicide.

Ever wanted to hear real metal core that incorporates true hardcore and true metal ? Then add a flare of style, originality and innovation ?

This is The Ninety Five Theses, but add a huge emphasis on live stage pressence that will entertain and rock your socks off...Do not miss a chance to see them live!�

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