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Louisville, KY


  • Trey Rogers - Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Saul Monico - Rhythm Guitar
  • Nathan Jackson - Bass Guitar
  • Austin McAlister - Drums

Music Style:

Heavy-Metal, Heavy-Metal, Rock



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More About the Band
"REQUIEM" is an up and coming band based out of Louisville Kentucky. The band consists of a group of talented and energetic teenagers who are guaranteed to keep the crowd engaged. "REQUIEM" has a Metallica/Avenged Sevenfold feel with a plethora of original tunes that will satisfy the taste of metal fans of all ages. "REQUIEM" won the Wicks Pizza Battle of the Bands competition in December 2017. The talented band beat out 25 local bands and were crowned Wicks Pizza's Best band in Louisville Kentucky. To book "REQUIEM" for your next event contact OQ2 Entertainment at:

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