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New York, NY


  • Reem Taoz

Music Style:

Classical, Classical, Dance, Electronic/Techno


Phone: 212-766-1007

Official Website: Gattuso

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More About the Band
Gattuso is Israeli DJ/producer, Reem Taoz, currently based in New York City. Long a lover of electronic music, Gattuso also known as GATTÜSO has rapidly made a name for himself on the house music scene. DJ Gattuso first came out with his song, Who We Are featuring Myah, which has been featured on Spotify&rsquos leading playlists such as Mint and Dance Rising, hit Apple Music Top 50 Global Hit Songs within a few weeks of its release. Since then he has collaborated with Liquid Todd for his hit song Easy Boy which has had over 1 million streams on Spotify so far.

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