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Stumbling Sober

Evansville, in


  • Josh Downey- lead vocals, guitar
  • Sean McDonald- lead guitar, vocals
  • Jamah Terry- bass, vocals
  • Robin McDonald-drums, vocals

Music Style:



Phone: 812-459-4383


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More About the Band

Stumbling Sober has been together for over 2 years. We have played local bars, college parties and everything in between. We have musical influences ranging from hard rock, jazz, country.....we even have a black guy in the band!! We have a very diverse set list ranging from the "cover band favorites" of Sublime, Green Day, etc, but also hit some different songs from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens of the Stone Age. We even punked out some old school 80's and made it our own. We are just starting to hit the local scene and are looking forward to entertaing the hell out of the crowd and just having a good time!!

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