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Springfield, IL


  • Janet Carr
  • Bob Bryant
  • Kenny Duffy
  • Tom Gaskins
  • Jeff Wheaton
  • Drew Aschenbrenner

Music Style:

Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock



Official Website: F5

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More About the Band
Hip hop/mainstream rock cover band from Springfield, IL. Our awards:
*Voted (runner up), Best Band, Illinois Times, 1998
*Voted Best Rap Band, Illinois Times, 1999
*Voted Best Guitarist (former guitarist Tony Dyer), Illinois Times, 2000
*Voted Best Male Vocalist (Kenny Duffy) , Illinois Times, 2000
*Voted Best Female Vocalist, (former vocalist Robin Bosie), Illinois Times, 2000
*Voted Best Band, Springfield Magazine, 2001
*Voted Best Band, Illinois Times, 2004
*Voted Best Band, Illinois Times, 2005
*Voted Best Band, Illinois Times, 2006
*Voted Best Cover Band, Illinois Times, 2007
*Voted Best Rock Band, Illinois Times, 2007
*Voted Best Local Band, State Journal Register Readers Choice Awards, 2008
F5 is sponsored by KISS-FM and Miller Beer (E & F Distributing), Springfield IL.

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