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Factory Damage

Owensboro, KY


  • Ed - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
  • Chris - Lead Vox
  • Doughty - Drums
  • Eric - Lead/Rhythm Guitars

Music Style:

Heavy-Metal, Heavy-Metal



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More About the Band

About Factory Damage Welcome to a new age end…an American tale…Factory Damage.
In a world chock-full of Cookie Cutter Clone Metal bands that beat a dead horse, stands a band that doesn’t follow or give in to current trends and gives a refreshing point of view on the way Metal is played and heard.
While most bands and labels stay in the “Safe Zone”, Factory Damage steers in the opposite direction. Brutally honest, the band takes on tough sociopolitical issues…religion, war, the Media, suicide, and everyday life struggles.
There is no doubt; there is something for everyone on the new record "Pro-Piracy: In Word Of Mouth We Trust", just released in April 2009.
From scorching vocals, thrashing guitars, adrenalized bass madness, and thunderous drums, Factory Damage packs a devastating punch that won’t be forgotten. So crank it up to 11 and bang your head ‘til it bleeds. Welcome to the Damage Lands. They’re waiting for you… DISCOGRAPHY - Negative World - 2006 Pro-Piracy: In word of mouth we trust - 2009 COMPILATIONS - Underground Rising Vol.3 - 2008 Slam Bang 4 Vol.3 Fan-Atic Press - 2009 MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS Hallows Eve: Slaughter on 2nd St - 2008

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