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Deliver us From Evil

Evansville, IN


  • Brent Vaughn- Vox
  • John Matheis- Guitar
  • Jeff Thomas - bass
  • Alex Morgan - Weapons of Mass Percussion/Destroyer

Music Style:

Heavy-Metal, Heavy-Metal


Phone: 812-589-2036


Official Website: Deliver us From Evil

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More About the Band
DELIVER US FROM EVIL is an arena ready, fully functional metal band from Southern Indiana. One listen and you'll realize the music speaks for itself. Armed with brutal guitar riffs, technical percussion, thick bass grooves, and throat shredding vocals, all at lightning speeds and technical precision, DELIVER US FROM EVIL is a force to be reckoned with. Breaking venue barriers in their local area, and having a significant role in solidifying their metal scene, DELIVER US FROM EVIL has been building momentum in other states as well. Recently, the band has opened for national acts such as, DIECAST(century media), SWORN ENEMY (Century Media), IN THIS MOMENT (Century Media), DAATH (roadrunner), YAKUZA (prosthetic), ORIGIN, and Goatwhore(metal blade). All of which have commented on how DELIVER US FROM EVIL was the best independent metal act that they had seen on their tours thus far. They also played Main Stage the 2007 Milwaukee Metal Fest w/God Forbid. After touring in the Midwestern states and most of the South, the band has developed a die-hard fan base in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and North and South Carolina. We would like to thank our fans, friends, and families for the support thus far. Without you, we would be nothing. ________________________________________________________________ "Of all the hundreds upon thousands of upcoming metal acts around the globe that I have checked out on Myspace this year, I can say that there is not one that has hit me dead smack between the eyes with its literal uncanny ability like Deliver Us From Evil has done. They incorporate with true gusto the best elements of metal from the past and what is most appealing today. They cannot be labeled very easy due to this. They are not another Lamb of God imitator, nor are they at all classifiable as NU metal. The band is made up of Jeff Thomas on bass, Alex Morgan on percussion, John Matheis playing lead guitar and one of the more talented screamers in the underground game today, Brent Vaughn on vocals. I wanted to provide everyone with more insight into this extremely gifted metal act's background and what can be expected in the future." - Rocket

Deliver us From Evil's Friends and Fans

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