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The Moon Crickets

Hancock Co, KY


  • Jeremy 'Bub' Williamson- Lead vocals, Rhythm guitarist.
  • Brandon 'Wheetdog' Wheet- Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitar.
  • Bobby Gray-Bass, vocals.
  • Eric Parsley-Drums
  • Daniel 'Duck' White-Lead guitar, rhythm, vocals

Music Style:

Rock, 50s Hits, 60s Hits, 70s Hits, 80s Hits, 90s Hits, Alternative, Bluegrass, Blues, Rock, Rockabilly


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Official Website: The Moon Crickets

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More About the Band

The Moon Crickets formed around 2002 in the hills of Hancock County, Ky

Blending the pop sensibility and rock'n'roll attitude of the 60's and 70's with the consequent spirit of revival exhibited by some defining artists and/or sonic qualities of more recent history, The Moon Crickets assert themselves as a glimmer of hope for the modern purist. While maintaining a distinct neutrality amongst the looseley-used generic terms of today ([power-]pop, [indie] rock, etc.), The Moon Crickets emit a sound that is elusive in definition, yet familiar in recollection.

To put it simply...
The Moon Crickets are a Rock'n'Roll Band.

The Moon Crickets Original music with it's roots it classic rock, has been played on local radio statios such as 93.9 WKTG, 97X, & 103.1 GBF.

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