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100% Angus (A Tribute To AC/DC)

Campbellsville, KY


  • Brown Johnson
  • Bangus Young
  • Talcum Young
  • Stiff Williams
  • Phil Rude

Music Style:

Rock, Blues, Heavy-Metal, Oldies, Pop/Rock, Rock, Rockabilly


Phone: 859-321-8891


Official Website: 100% Angus (A Tribute To AC/DC)

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More About the Band

100% Angus (A Tribute To AC/DC) have been a fixture in the central US for the past 8 years. We have played bars, college frat parties, private parties and festivals and have the equipment to play any size venue.

We play both Bon Scott and the Brian Johnson songs, and do so with the utmost respect! Check out our website and Youtube videos to see what all the hype is about!

100% Angus (A Tribute To AC/DC)'s Friends and Fans

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