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Madisonville, KY


  • Seth Gullett- Bass & Vocals
  • Patrick Gullett- Drums
  • Dakota Clayton- Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals

Music Style:

, Rock


Phone: 821-7122


Official Website: FURY

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More About the Band

Fury, formed in '99, brings their fans the next generation of music while still keeping a classic 80's hair band twist. Drawing deeply from their 80's music rock heros for inspiration, with an occasional late 70's for good taste, Patrick Gullett and Dakota Clayton took the responsibility of forming the band. Playing duo for a year, and maxing out their music, they knew the only way to become better was to pull in a bassist. While playing lead guitar, Fury's number one fan, Seth Gullett, decided to switch to fill that position and play bass for Fury. Now, Fury has an uncompromising new "classic metal" sound of their own, hoping to tour the world and let listeners drown themselves in their music.

FURY's Friends and Fans

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