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Jasper, IN



Music Style:

Heavy-Metal, Alternative, Grunge, Heavy-Metal, Rock


Phone: 812-536-2843


Official Website: Deadwater

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More About the Band

Through the trials and tribulations of life, four inspired individuals arose to unleash their heartfelt passions for all to experience. Bound by their love, opposed by the world, and supported by friendship, these four individuals embarked on a journey that would lead them to their dreams. Choosing music as their medium of emotional expressionism, these four individuals sought their destiny through various musical ensembles that led to years of frustration as they experienced minimal success or fortune and unfulfilling self-satisfaction. However, in the year 2006, led by the machinations of Fate, these four individuals converged upon one another in the heart of Southern Indiana to meet their destiny. This is the moniker they chose as the description of their passions:

Deadwater is a band whose members mesh together perfectly, creating emotionally churning music that showcases the individual artists in sync as one. Combining their diverse talents, influences, & desires into a single expressionistic outlet, and pouring their very heart & soul into the mix, the band has unleashed a grandly stirring sound in a way that no amount of words can ever truly describe.

Chaotically beautiful, Deadwater's unique sound & style rages with serenity and turmoil, displaying an expansive range of emotional release that will drown the listener with its overwhelming wave of passionate intensity. Led by the youthful energy and emotional conviction of vocalist frontman Judder ML we are invited into the band’s dark world. From melodious singing & spoken word to hardcore screams, surrounded by a plethora of creative enthralling samples & effects. Adam Wheeler whose diverse guitar riffs that range from melodic/beautiful to explosive/aggressive to a vivacious lead that melts the listener in his/her shoes. Shane Meyer with his pulsating, distorted, dynamic bass and Eric Rogge with his solid, technical and vigorous drum work. Deadwater is able to create a harmonic soundscape that indulges in the realm of melodic alternative/metal, while creating their own signature genre.

Deadwater is composed of four individuals who have dedicated their entire lives to their passions & dreams, leading to many accomplishments and a very loyal & growing fan base. The band is determined, hardworking, and united by their friendships, creating a sense of brotherhood & harmony. Strengthened by their diversity & youthful vigor and enhanced by their commitment to excellence & willingness to explore & exceed their limits, Deadwater is a band with limitless possibilities who look towards the next horizon with open hearts and wondrous expectations. Share their wonders & passions...confront your dreams...experience Deadwater...

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